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The Super-SALE mentioned in my last blog post below, has been EXTENDED!!

All Spencer Kane Adventures will remain 60-100% off; Also, I am adding another book to the list, The Incidental Inheritance. (YA on up) The regular price for this book is $2.99. It will be on sale for .99c!!

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Spencer Kane Adventures:

  • Mystery at Shadow Lake (Book #1) - FREE (reg .99c)

  • Escape from Shadow Lake (Book #2) - .99c (reg $2.99)

  • Return to Shadow Lake (Book #3)- .99c (reg $2.99)

  • The Shadow Lake Trilogy (Books #1-3) $1.99 (reg $4.99)

  • The Lake Dweller (Book #4) .99c (reg $2.99)

Added to the SALE:

  • The Incidental Inheritance (YA+) .99c (reg $2.99)

All are available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes & Kobo. (Just click on the site of your choice, and you'll land on my books page...may need to scroll down to see all...remember, this is for e-books only.) There, you can read excerpts and descriptions for each book.

For those who took advantage of the FREE Mystery at Shadow Lake (Book #1), you have another chance to get the remaining two books in the trilogy for less than half the price of buying ONE of them after the sale is over!!

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Available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes & Kobo. (Just click on the site of your choice, and you'll land on my books page...may need to scroll down to see all. (Remember...this is for e-books only.)

SALE Prices:
  • Mystery at Shadow Lake (Book #1):  FREE  (was .99c)
  • Escape From Shadow Lake (Book #2):  .99c   (was $2.99)
  • Return To Shadow Lake (Book #3): .99c  (was $2.99)
  • The Lake Dweller (Book #4): .99c  (was $2.99)
  • The Shadow Lake Trilogy (Books 1-3): $1.99   (was $4.99)

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As promised, here is the reminder for my FIRST-EVER book signing! I'll be at the Book Loft in Nashville, IN next Saturday, 7-26, from 2-5pm with plenty of paperbacks and bookmarks.  I'll also have a give-away for a FREE signed paperback of your choice.  Just drop your name in the jar, and you could be the winner! (No need to be present for the drawing...the book will be mailed to you.)

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Direct links have been added under each book description for those who purchase from Kobo!  (The Shadow Lake Trilogy links to be added soon!)
The first three Spencer Kane Adventure books compiled into one read!
You can now make one purchase and read the entire Shadow Lake saga, and save $1.98 from buying separately!!

Available in e-book only. Purchase links below:
Amazon: $4.99
Barnes & Noble: $4.99
Smashwords: $4.99 (any reader type)

                                  Coming soon: iTunes Bookstore: $4.99

Book 1: Mystery at Shadow Lake

The voice appeared to come from inside the tunnel. I slowly lowered myself down to the bend to get a better look. I didn’t hear anything. I called out “Is anyone down here? Do you need help?”
I turned back to where the flashlight was aimed, and immediately saw two shining circles, resembling eyes glowing from the light, and looking in my direction. Before I could make another move, I heard. “Please help me.”
“Who’s there? I asked again.
As I watched the shiny spheres, they began moving closer and closer. I stared at them at first, not certain if the person in trouble was approaching me, or if I should be running for my life from something evil. As the eyes drew closer, I could now make out a figure. It looked strangely familiar. Then I realized the figure was the little girl I had seen in my nightmare. The same one who had disappeared in the lake and hasn't yet been found.

"This book is a thriller in the finest sense of the word."~Amazon reviewer
"B.L. Hoffman brings forth a wonderful new hero to the genre in Spencer. "~Amazon reviewer
"The ending literally left you hanging and anxiously awaiting the next adventure."~Amazon reviewer

Book 2: Escape from Shadow Lake
The danger continues, as several men, including Spencer's father, are kidnapped. Spencer searches diligently to find them - and a reason for their disappearance. As he puts together the pieces, he discovers a devastating deception. On his own, he must find his dad and the others, and return them home safely...without being captured in the process.

"What a thriller. Definitely a must read."~Amazon reviewer
"I could not put this one down."~Amazon reviewer
"Spencer is a teen hero."~Amazon reviewer

Book 3: Return to Shadow Lake

After the rescue of his dad and friends from Shadow Lake, Spencer and his family try to get back to a normal home life. Just as the family settles into their routine, they are visited by a group of American Indians that insist on meeting with Spencer and the others who took part in the removal of ancient objects from the ground at a neighbor's cottage.
Running Fox explains to the teens and their parents the necessary actions that must be performed in order to rid the lake of the evil spirits they uncovered. If the ceremony is not performed, the families will never be able to return to their cottages without the fear that drove them away only weeks before.

"I've read all three books twice and they get better each time."~Amazon reviewer
"The best series I read this year so far."~Amazon reviewer

Looking for a 'Clean Read' for the kids this summer? The long car drive to grandmas house might seem shorter if they're engrossed in a good adventure! 

Another great 5-star review was added for The Lake Dweller - Book #4 of the Spencer Kane Adventures! Suitable for Middle-Grade on up. Thank you, Kristina Malloy!!   http://www.amazon.com/The-Lake-Dweller-Adventure-Adventures-ebook/dp/B00JBO3RL0/%3Ftag%3Dkndtracker-20
Direct purchase links have been added for each Spencer Kane Adventure and the Incidental Inheritance for easy access for iBooks readers! 

All books are available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.