The latest Spencer Kane Adventure, The Lake Dweller (Book #4), has received 5 out of 5 stars on its' first five reviews!

If you've thought about checking it out, I hope the reviews give you a nudge!

The e-book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

The paperback can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

If you're interested in a mystery most of the family (if not all) can enjoy and share, this is it!  The entire series is meant for middle grade/teens on up, so buy with confidence.

I hope you enjoy The Spencer Kane Adventures!

The rewrite and professional edits for both Mystery at Shadow Lake (Book #1) and Escape From Shadow Lake (Book #2) of the Spencer Kane Adventures are complete! The revised books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and other popular book sites.

The paperbacks have also been revised, including bright new covers, and can be found on your favorite book sight as well.  (If you don't see it right away, give it a few days and check back.) Check the Spencer Kane Adventures tab of this site for the 'new look'.

If you tried the series in its' early days and thought it could use some 'spiffing up', consider it spiffed!  Excessive wording, grammar errors and any unfriendly middle-grade/teen references have been removed.

The series can be enjoyed by most (if not all) members of the family.

Book #3 in the series, Return to Shadow Lake will be the next project.  Although it's already professionally edited, I will review again for any wording that is possibly inappropriate for middle school/teens.  I will announce the availability of this revision also, which should be within a few weeks.

Movie night is a popular way to spend quality family time.  Ever thought of changing it up occasionally, and have a Reading Night?  With books the whole family can enjoy, it opens a new world of entertainment ideas for the kids.

If you've been waiting for the paperback of the latest Spencer Kane Adventure, The Lake Dweller, wait no more!  The book is now live on Createspace.
Even if you haven't tried the previous Spencer Kane books, I hope you'll give this one a look.  It's well-suited for the YA crowd, and also liked by any age that enjoys a suspenseful mystery that the entire family can share.

Rewrites of prior books are still underway, as I 'cut out' the extra fluff, and ensure that the content is YA appropriate, and professionally edited.  The revised books will show Revision, or Version2, Vol 2 (or similar, depending on the limitations of the individual sales channels).

Separate updates will be sent as the rewrites are made available! 

Thanks to my readers for their continued support and encouragement.  I'm glad to know that there is still a place in the reading world for a clean, but suspenseful story with likable characters!
Exciting News! The Lake Dweller - a Spencer Kane Adventure (Book #4) is available earlier than expected!!

The fourth book in the Spencer Kane Adventure series is now available for download on Smashwords (all reader types available) and Amazon(The Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo and other sites are expected to show the new book at any time!) You don't have to wait, though.  Smashwords has any type you could possibly need!

Also, the Paperback has been accepted on Createspace and will be available for order within days! (I'll send an update when I receive final approval.)

Rewrites of prior Spencer Kane Adventures, as promised, are in the works and will be released within days/weeks.  New announcements will be made as revised books are available.

As an author, I'm very excited to bring you a new Spencer Kane story, and to rewrite earlier versions that weren't professionally edited when I first started writing. 

If you haven't seen these YA friendly books, I hope you'll give them a try. They're a refreshing look back when cell phones, Wi-Fi, and vehicle mapping software weren't available...which makes a mystery and detective work for the main high school-aged characters a challenge that's hard to imagine in today's high tech world.

The Spencer Kane Adventure series will continue and flourish, and I hope you will enjoy the series!

Working on rewrites of my first two books, Mystery at Shadow Lake and Escape From Shadow Lake, the first Spencer Kane Adventure books. 

It's been only a few short years, but when I looked back on these first works, I completely understood the mediocre reviews that came from not only being a 'newbie' to writing, but also not realizing the importance of an editor.  Now ALL of my books will be professionally edited (those were the only two that weren't) and I am extremely excited about the future of the series! 

Look for the edited versions to be available in April, along with my newest Spencer Kane Adventure, The Lake Dweller!  If you weren't sure about the series when you first tried it, I hope you'll give it a fresh look in April!  This author would be truly grateful.
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COMING IN APRIL:  The Lake Dweller  - A Spencer Kane Adventure (book #4)
The entire website has been updated!  There are new tabs, photos, links, and news!

Look around...send me an e-mail or fill out the Contact Form...let me know what you think of the changes.

You'll also notice that a new book, the fourth in the Spencer Kane Adventure series is coming soon!  Look for The Lake Dweller in April!
Hello fellow readers!  The first book in the Spencer Kane Adventure series, Mystery at Shadow Lake, is now on Sale for .99 cents at both Smashwords* and Barnes & Noble!!  If you haven't grabbed it yet, this is a great opportunity to start on the series at a great price.

Click the site name of your choice above, to go directly to the book page, and enjoy your first Spencer Kane Adventure!
My latest book, The Incidental Inheritance, is now available in paperback on Amazon and Createspace.  (Available on Barnes & Noble within days.)  Click on the highlighted site of your choice to go directly to the book page.

I hope you enjoy the story, and tell your friends!

The Incidental Inheritance e-book now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

All other e-book types are available on Smashwords.

The paperback will be ready soon.  I'll let you know when it's available for order.

I hope you enjoy the story!